About US

Federal Engineering Consultants “FEC” is a UAE firm of designers, engineers, planners, project managers and business consultants. FEC was established providing a diverse range of professional services to clients in UAE, EGYPT, KSA, Bahrain, Yemen and other overseas Countries. At FEC, talent & creativity meets Project Management know-how . As a company that has the previlege of an “unlimited license,” FEC serves each client by a team of versatile, responsive professionals whose expertise is attuned the needs and specifications of the particular project. Our high standards of service are complemented by our dedication to cost-effectiveness and efficacy, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients and the end users through every step of the design process. 

FEC balances creativity with managerial expertise to command projects that require navigating through logistical and regulatory complexities. Our architects and project managers keep beauty and functionality of the project at the forefront of design, alongside cost-effectiveness and timelines. From the first concept sketches through detailed design and cutting-edge computer-based renderings to the built reality, the FEC team harnesses the spirit and importance of the activities for which the project is intended. We use a collaborative consultation method to articulate the intent of the client and the purpose of the project. In the process we cultivate an understanding of what the space should symbolize and how people should use.

At all times, in all locations and through all mandates of our operations; combining modern, functional elegance with the local architectural ‘language’ and tried-and-true planning, principals, our commissioned work can be woven into an existing urban fabric in ways that respect the scale, local building styles and surrounding city. Yet we can just as easily help a client develop a bold vision for a landmark ‘signature’ project.

With the opening of our full service in Dubai office and Cairo Office, we are capable of fully servicing projects throughout the Middle East. Our current efforts include numerous master planning, urban design and buildings projects that are located within and out of office cities. These assignments include residential buildings ranging from one floor building up to fifty floors Towers as well as hotels, commercial buildings, Factories and master planning.

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